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Welcome to the BMW E21 Community Website

Today's Featured Picture:

Schematic drawing of the 320/6 engine (M20, in-line six cylinder)
Welcome to the BMW E21 Community Website. The goal of this site is to provide a quality, no-nonsense site by E21 owners for E21 owners. In order to use some of the features (such as the forum) you will need to register, but don't worry, it's FREE. We also have no sponsors and no banners, and no need to. The idea of the site is to collect all possible knowledge about the E21. The more is discussed in the forums, the more I can organize into articles and build up a knowledge base.

So enjoy the site and remember that you can help make it work!
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Parts & Suppliers
This page offers a list of part suppliers for E21 cars.
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Today's Featured Car:
Hartge H3 323irs
Owner: Hartge82H3
This is a True and Authentic E21 Hartge H3 323rs. After 20 years of ownership, I can say it's probably the only one like it in the United States. There are less than a handful of Hartge E21 H3 and H3s's left on the ENTIRE planet. These are VERY rare classics. ...
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