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Alpina was, and still is, the main aftermarket tuner of BMW automobiles. Alpina is now a subdivision of the BMW Group, but at the time of the E21 production it was still independant from BMW. Alpina got its start when the owner Burkhard Bovenseipen built a kit for the BMW 1500. With some help from his father and backed by the tooling facilities at the Alpina typewriter factory he built the first modest upgrade to the early M10 engine. Consisting of carbuetors and a camshaft he invited the technical staff of BMW to come out and view his tuning kit that he had built. BMW was very impressed with the power of newly "tuned" engine and could find no faults with the kit. Mr. Bovenseipen earned the much needed respect of BMW that would go far in his future business.

Alpina Models
The most important model in E21 Alpina production is undoubtedly the B6 2.8. This car has an engine based on that from the 528i from the same time; which is a big six (M30), as opposed to the small six (M20) fitted in the 320/6 and 323i. The standard configuration of the 2.8L engine yields 177HP, however the engine by Alpina developed 200HP and 248Nm torque, thanks to custom pistons, custom combustion chambers and a different fuel injection system.
In August 1981, Alpina did some modifications which raised the power output to 218HP.
The B6 had an uprated suspension with Bilstein shocks all around, and Ahle springs.

Some Numbers
Model kW/HP Displacement Torque (Nm) Cylinders Produced Number produced
B6 2,8160/2182788 cm³265609/81 - 01/83209
B6 2,8147/2002788 cm³248611/78 - 08/81324
C1 2,3125/1702316 cm³210604/80 - 07/83462

B6 Images
C1 Images

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