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Other E21 Websites

There are a number of interesting E21 sites out there on the internet. Here's a selection:

E21 BMW Netwerke
This site is home to a good deal of information regarding the 323i, and has also overtaken the Gray Market website previously run by Arne. Plenty of photographs, too. Definately worth a look.
Visit them at

Jeroen's BMW E21 Network
With a very similar internet address as the previous site, Jeroen (from the Netherlands) has built a site which offers a lot of general information about the E21 series. There is also more exclusive information, such as the Alpina E21's, and the touring E21, and of course Jeroen's own 323i is also showcased.
Visit him at

Well-respected community member Nic has gathered all information about the modifications done to his 320i (including the M42 engine swap) and offers a good read if you are planning to do something he covers.
Visit him at

Horst's Austrian E21 page
An Austrian-made page covering 323i information, including a 2.7L stroker conversion. Has some parts for sale as well.
Visit him at

E21 Extreme
This site is home to a good deal of M10 information, including valve clearance adjustments, and various other tech info.
Visit him at

M10 Power
This site is dedicated to turbocharging the M10 engine, and has lots of information you will find interesting if you plan to turbocharge your M10 engine.
Visit him at

Top-End Performance
A site with many performance upgrades for the 320i, including turbocharging, suspension and performance engines, illustrated with pictures.
Visit them at

This is a technical website that covers engines found in cars. They explain different cylinder configurations (and balancement), valve timing systems, and much, much more. Very interesting to read!
Visit them at

Jeremy's M3 powered E21
Jeremy from the Netherlands is in the process of completely restoring an Euro spec 320/6 with an E36 M3 engine. Lots of pictures for those who are interested.
Visit him at!

If you run an E21 site and you feel you should be mentioned here, please tell me about it!
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