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Repair projects for my E21s

As the owner of two E21s, I have done some work on them already. The 320/6 had its engine rebuilt in summer 2002, which was my first project. Although I have been taking care of various things during the winter, it wasn't until spring 2003 that I did some major repairs to the body.
The 323i will get completely restored this summer and will be covered here as I progress.

Summer 2002: 320/6 engine rebuild
In the beginning of the summer, my car suffered a cracked head. The car, being in the state that it was, would go to a junkyard because we couldn't afford to have the engine repaired. However, I decided to mess a bit around with the engine before disposing of it. I came to realize that I could repair it, so I did. I found a new head, dismantled the engine, rebuilt the head and reassembled the engine. It has never run better!
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Spring 2003: 320/6 body repairs
It was time to address the looks of my car: they were not doing any justice to the freshly rebuilt engine.
So, deciding I should have a go with it, it turned out to be pretty easy to address. It certainly isn't as good as a complete repaint, but at least the car looks clean now.
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Summer 2003: Solex 4A1 carburettor rebuild (320/6)
With the engine in great condition since the rebuild last summer, I was increasingly annoyed by the fact that I couldn't get the carb tuned exactly how I wanted. So I decided to do things the right way and completely build a new carb from the ground up.
Using two old 4A1's that I dismantled, I built a brand new one using the best parts from both and a new gasket set from W&N. A good read for 320/6 owners.
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Summer 2003: 323i Dismantling
As promised, here's a report about the dismantling of the 323i. Right now it's almost completely stripped to bare shell, ready for body repairs. The engine has also been disassembled.
All the removed parts, including exhaust system, interior, windows, engine, gearbox, hood, trunk lid and wings are now stored in my basement. I hardly have any room left to walk in...
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Summer 2004: 323i racer, suspension and brakes
Since I got the racing bug, I wanted to have a track car of my own. I had already most parts required laying around, so I decided to turn my fourth E21, the 323i Automatic, into a track racer. Since the only purpose of the car would be to race, I don't need to care about road legality and can do work without having to worry for compromises! Also, I'm trying to keep the total budget as low as possible :)
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Summer 2004: 323i racer, 2.7 engine preparation
In these pages I show you my work on the 2.7 stroker, which will be used in my 323i racer.

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