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Modifying the suspension for track

I had decided to use the rest of my fourth E21, the 323i automatic, to build a dedicated track car. I had most of the necessary parts laying around, and having my own toy to play around with on the track would be most fun! Unfortunately, in it's stock form, an E21 isn't quite equipped for the track. So I decided to modify and upgrade everything in stages, also in order of importance:
- brakes
- suspension and tyres
- transmission and differential
- engine
Note that I put the engine on lowest priority. Indeed, safety is most important on the track, and that means having good brakes. The suspension is important for handling, power is nothing if your car doesn't handle well enough to match it. The need of good tyres is not to be underestimated either. Then there's the transmission and the differential, what ratios and models should be used? And finally, the engine itself.

The car: 323i Automatic
Allow me to present the car first. This is a Saphirblau-Metallic, 1981 323i with Automatic transmission, which I bought for €500 complete at about 180.000km. It looks nice, however the rockers are rusted as well as the rear inner wheelarches. But I don't care much about rust and looks on the track, I want the car to move!
It was fitted with a sport 3-spoke leather wheel, light alloy rims, a BBS front spoiler and a close to perfect interior which will hopely find it's way into my Baur. There is also a trunklid spoiler, and though I don't really like the look I decided to leave it there.
The fact that the car is an automatic is a bit of a dissapointment, but as I said I didn't really have a choice when I bought it, did I? :)

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