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Installing the new suspension

I managed to purchase a used suspension, which included front shocks, springs and brakes, as well as rear shocks and springs. All shocks are Bilsteins, and while I don't know the exact type of springs, they are quite lowering (-40mm I would think).

Swapping the rear
Removing the rear shock assembly is quite easy. It holds with three nuts above the shock tower and one big bolt to the trailing arm, so they were easily swapped out. Notice in the first picture (which compares the stock assembly to the lowered Bilstein one) how the shock rod and body are wider and how the assembly is shorter.. This ought to be good!
The next picture shows the new assembly installed, where you can also see the (worn and rusty) rear brakes that will need replacing as well..
The third picture shows the car with lowered rear and stock front. There is quite a difference! Also, when pushing and putting weight on the front, it wobbles like mad, while the rear is really as stiff as a hardwood bench! My first impression was quite approving..

Swapping the front
Now, pulling the front shock assembly is quite another story. Again, it is held by three nuts on the top of the shock tower, but it gets more complicated than a single transversal bolt at the bottom. There are two conic pins that took a lot of effort to dislodge. The sway bar had to be removed in order to get enough free movement, as well as the brakes.
However, with some help and common sense, I got them out at both sides and was ready to put the new assemblies in. I inspected the bearings and fitted new brake discs.
I threw on new discs and pads on the rear as well... Bright and shiny!

Other bits 'n' pieces
The car is now lowered and very stiff, it looks promising for the track. I also installed sport seats and removed pretty much the entire interior save for the dash.
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