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E21 Community News

News for Thursday 26th August 2004
Server Change - Tricord
2:46pm - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

The site has moved from server today. We are currently located in a datacenter in Brussels, and I think general performance will be better to everyone.

In addition to the usual address, the site is now accessible through as well.

News for Wednesday 26th May 2004
Car feedback in forums! - Tricord
3:16pm - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

I took a little time to write a comment system for the cars in the registry!

If you have a car in the registry, a thread will automatically be created in the Cars forum, in which people can leave comments about a car in the registry.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature!

News for Thursday 13th May 2004
Portal Page added! - Tricord
8:24pm - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

Since the 'most recent forum topics' on the main page is somewhat limited, I decided to create a full-blown version from it on a separate page, called 'Portal'.

This page will remember when you last visited, and will show you what's new in the forums since your last visit, as well as the picture of the day and the car of the day.

If you bookmark the page it will allow you to see what's new on the site very quicly.

You can access the portal page using the link in the menu under 'Navigation'.

News for Friday 30th April 2004
New poll posted - Tricord
4:47pm - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

It seems that most of our members use their E21 quite a lot. 25 among you drive more than 12000km per year. The other results are evenly spread.

See the poll result page for details.

Meanwhile, a new poll has been started. Do you race your E21? Head to the main page to vote!

News for Thursday 25th March 2004
VIN-checker back online! - Tricord
9:13pm - Internal News - 0 replies - Post reply

I took the time to completely rewrite the VIN-checker featured on this site. It used to work for all BMW's, but for various reasons I decided to restrict it's functionality to E21 models only.

Keep checking in the next few days as I add more details and info to it!


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