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About the author of this site

So who am I? I am just an enthousiastic E21 owner with some computer skills, who felt like he could contribute to the E21 online community by making a site like this one. I'm 20 years old and I live in Belgium. I own two E21's, which happen to be the only two E21 versions that were never imported to the US: the 320/6 and the 323i, which are the two different six cylinder versions found among the E21 series.

The 320/6
The first car I have ever owned. I learned to drive with this car two years ago, when I was almost 19. The car belongs to my mother, and was bought in April 1980. It is still first owner (my mom) though I am the listed driver.
I liked the car but started to actively care for it when the engine broke down in the summer of 2002. I had a cracked cylinder head, and the car being in the state it was, would be sent off to a junkyard. However, I decided I should have a go at it, even if it were only to look at the insides of an engine (I hadn't even dismantled a lawnmower before).
So that's how it started. I found a new head, thanks to RJ, and managed to finish the car by the end of the summer break. In spring 2003, I adressed the several spots of rust and finishing the car. It doesn't look new, but it's clean and rustless now.

Car features:
  • Ascotgrau-Metallic of color
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • power steering (very rare)
  • 2.0 litre small six engine (122HP)

    The 323i
    With my interest for the E21 series sparked after summer 2002, I wanted to keep working on cars. I had been searching since then for a 323i with at least a motor in need of a rebuild, not too expensive to buy either. Finally, in spring 2003 I found the car I was looking for in the Netherlands (thanks to Jeroen who provided the contact). The car is currently stored in a garage and will be my project for summer 2003. I plan to completely rebuild the engine, address the bodywork and then repaint the car. I'll see what else needs doing as it comes.

    Car features:
  • car is painted in two colors: lower half in Graphit-Metallic, upper half in AscotGrau-Metallic
  • 5-speed overdrive gearbox
  • original recaro seats
  • original BMW 3-spoke steering wheel
  • nice original BMW rimms
  • BBS front spoiler, and a (rather ugly) spoiler on the trunklid
  • 2.3 litre injected small six engine (143HP)

    Here are some nice pictures from the previous owner of my 323i:

    Here are the two cars together: the 320/6 on the right, 323i on the left. My sweet pair :)


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