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The E21 Community Website offers several services to all its members.

Member Directories
E21 owners might have pictures, images or other files they wish to make available in the forum for instance, but do not have the required webspace to place these files online so others can get them. That's why the Member Directories are there. It is a very easy and quick way to upload images, using your browser and a comprehensive interface. Simply select the file on your harddisk and click upload!
Every member can choose the name of his directory, of which the url will look like this:

The standard storage space is 5MB, however this can be easily increased at request should you require more storage space.

If you have E21 cars or parts for sale, you can use the Member Pages to create and manage ads in our Classifieds Page. You can use images from your member directory and HTML to enhance the look of your ad.

If you sold something, you can mark it as such so that people know it is no longer available for buying.

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