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News for Friday 29th August 2003
Classifieds section heavily updated! - Tricord
9:39pm - Internal News - Viewing Replies - Post reply

I took some time today to rewrite the classifieds section. All you could do previously was to put some text and an image up there, but now you can edit and manage your own ads as well.

Naturally, this new functionality is provided on the Members page, so it requires you to be logged in to access. You will find more details on the pages in question.

The classifieds overview itself hasn't moved, it is still accessible in the left-hand navigation menu, or here.

All old ads that were posted with the previous system are still there and if you posted something, you can now take ownership of those ads and edit them. Unfortunately, while converting to the new system I have lost the image data, so you will have to re-upload your pictures.

If there are any problems with this new feature, please reply to this post.

Tricord   Posted Friday, Aug 29th 9:40pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 176
Belgium, Europe
323i Baur
On a sidenote, I will provide similar management features for the E21 registry.

E21 owners will be able to submit and manage their own entry in the registry from the member pages.

Stay tuned!

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