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News for Wednesday 10th September 2003
Site Changes - Tricord
2:27pm - Internal News - Viewing Replies - Post reply

Well, I got around doing more updates. You will notice that the main page has changed a bit. I have added a little list of the six forum threads most recently replied to, which makes it easier to jump to them. I've also added a random page featurette, to help people find their way to content. If the page has images, a little icon will be added to increase it's appeal

I also updated the About E21 page, which is the key to finding content on this site. I started a notes section there, grouping relevant notes posted by people on the internet over the years.
I'm still in the process of collecting information about Hartge, Alpina and Scnhitzer cars, so if you can help there please let me know.

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