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e21enthusiast   Posted Saturday, Oct 7th 6:20pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 19
hennarot 320is,topasbraun metalic 323
Ok so I have bilstien sport inserts on my 320IS and eibach springs what I am trying to figure out is the diferance between the 320 struts and the 323 struts.Put it this way my 323 handlles like a boat!I heard the struts are shorter or something on the 323.So can I bolt my struts from the 320 onto the 323 and go driving or is there going to be isues?Would I have to have the inserts put in the 323 struts.Can the inserts be put in the 323 struts?Any help in answering these questions would be greatly apreciated!!!!

If it will just bolt up with there being no isues ill probly swap my suspension onto the 323 today.

e21enthusiast   Posted Saturday, Oct 7th 6:34pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 20
hennarot 320is,topasbraun metalic 323
from what i can find you need some kind of a special nut or something with the top of the bilstien wont bolt to the 323. anyone understand this jiberish? i wanna do the suspension today if posibble.


myersport   Posted Saturday, Oct 7th 7:38pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 184
east tennessee
'82 320iS. '91 327iC
You can swap the front strut assemblies whole hog. If you just swap inserts, you may need an adapter gland nut as the diameter of the housing is larger. I installed Alpina 320i inserts into 320i tubes and put them on to my 323i and had no issues whatsoever.

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