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General Forum : Center console gauge panel-where to find

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      - Center console gauge panel-where to find
wharthog   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 12:12am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 81
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
Anyone have or sell or know someone that makes a center console panel for 3 aux. VDO gauges? I bought one from H&B bmw for my 2002 20 years ago but it doesn't really fit in the E21 console...

MayanArch   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 2:47am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1185
Florida, USA
Baur E21 2.7 1982, Baur E30 318i 1985, 323i 1978 or

They come up all the time.

wharthog   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 6:40am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 82
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
I've been watching for awhile...never seen one. If anyone sees one let me know or buy it and I'll pay you back plus shipping and (modest)finder's fee

chupchup   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 8:21am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 112
There was a tread sometime back about fabricating your own.

melloh   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 1:36pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 445
California, USA (San Jose)
1980 320is, 1991 318is
I've heard of 2 different home-made stles.

1) get some alluminum and cut, shape, rivet your own for the race-car look

2) get particle board and cut to size, get thin foam padding, and wrap ( glued and stapled) vinyl covering for oem look.

I have no first hand experience in either. But, you can use these as search criteria if nothing else. Good luck!

BruceH   Posted Tuesday, Nov 7th 3:57pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1033
Atlanta, GA USA
81 323 Baur, 85 745
I talked to Parker Performance a while back about making one. He will do it if you send him the console. His 'o2 work is superb. Well known in the '02 community.

Check out (I think) www.parkerperformance .com

wharthog   Posted Wednesday, Nov 8th 1:10am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 85
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
Thanks Bruce. That looks like a good referral. I shot them an e-mail. Anyone else interested?

Does anyone know if VDO makes gauges with white indicator needles anymore?

BruceH   Posted Wednesday, Nov 8th 4:47am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1035
Atlanta, GA USA
81 323 Baur, 85 745
The speedo shop in Hollywood will make them up for you.

Horstl   Posted Thursday, Nov 9th 6:08pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 20

323i / 2.7, 323i, 315, M3
I've designed my own - check out my homepage for more images - linked image has one gauge covered from the steering wheel. I think I've the template still available (console is made of aluminium sheet metal and covered with vinyl).


rjk3rd320is   Posted Saturday, Nov 11th 8:06am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Junior Member
Post nr. 2

easton, PA, USA
1982 320is has some cases and gauges for the vdo, im sure they fit right in the center console as well. hope it helps

wharthog   Posted Tuesday, Nov 14th 8:49am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 92
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT

I sent you an IM...

jbob   Posted Tuesday, Nov 14th 7:43pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 378
81 320i
yeah i agree, go custom...I made mine from 1/4" particle board & nail glue, then used some upholstery glue to stick on the black vinyl. I made a cardboard template first, and then made minor adjustments by shaving the particle board with a dremel.

wharthog   Posted Friday, Dec 1st 9:26am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 99
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
j bob did you glue, screw or both to mount to the console? Looks great. I think I'll be making one up this weekend...

jbob   Posted Saturday, Dec 2nd 12:58am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 379
81 320i
That lower center panel is actually 5 panels glued together (I used nail glue): the 3 faces, and a panel on each side. The side panels were pre-drilled, and I used the original screws to mount it.

If you want to go one step further, it may not be a bad idea to glue on proper screw retaining clips to the back of the side panels. I've only had to remove my center console a handful of times, but the screw holes in the 1/4" particle board seems to be doing fine so far.

It was actually a pretty fun project but a bit tedious to get everything to line up nicely. And I was happy with how the vinyl almost matches the dash & side console panels.

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