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General Forum : Can anyone get their gas cap to stop leaking?

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      - Can anyone get their gas cap to stop leaking?
wharthog   Posted Monday, Nov 13th 8:05am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 89
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
I had this problem on my 2 2002's and now my E21. I changed the gas cap numerous times on the 2002s and it never worked. I even put two rubber gaskets on one of them to no avail. I always see the telltale marks where the fuel has sloshed out... 1

Any suggestions?

RDAvena   Posted Monday, Nov 13th 5:12pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1646
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1981 323i, 1988 545is, 1997 528i
so when specifically does it slosh out? Right after filling the tank(s), or during the course of everyday driving?

If it is right after filling the tank then you may need to not fill it above when the pump spigot "clicks". Or when you see fuel after you remove the spigot.

If it is during driving conditions then you must be driving on a roller coaster because it would take an almost upside down position of the e21 to allow fuel to drain from the tank(s) filler tube.

Gabi_323i   Posted Monday, Nov 13th 9:13pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 118
Bucharest, Romania
11/80 323i 2.7i Motronic 1.3
in my e21 with less then 20l when taking a corner harder theh usual the gas cap leaks

melloh   Posted Tuesday, Nov 14th 2:31am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 447
California, USA (San Jose)
1980 320is, 1991 318is
is the metal plate springing back up to closing the gap? I know it's not hermetically seald or anything, but it would certainly help prevent splashing/sploshing.

imaradiostar   Posted Tuesday, Nov 14th 2:43am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 945
Nashville, TN
81 323i, 82 525i, 85 524td, 90 535i
I replaced the filler tube with one from another car and my leaking all but stopped- it's minimal now and only when I completely fill the car. I hardly ever completely fill it anyway- don't like the added weight!


wharthog   Posted Tuesday, Nov 14th 8:45am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 90
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
Melloh, I haven't ever even seen that metal plate... does anyone know if that is a CA or USA thing or is mine just shot?

Jamie, I'll try swapping for a CA filler neck with that little flappy dealio.

RDAvena, I'm just an aggressive driver. may be I've got the suspension so dialed in that when I'm pulling 1g in a left hand corner the gas has to go somewhere

Remuxer   Posted Saturday, Dec 23rd 5:46pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 4
Atlanta GA USA
83 320i
I had a similiar problem, turned out not to be the gas cap, but instead a bad t fitting and hoses futher down the line but I though it was the gas cap because after topping off the fuel there is a portion of fuel that remains up top for a hour or maybe more. I'd smell the gas fumes and open the hatch and see spilled over gas around the housing that moved to new dry locations after driving around a few corners and assume it was the cap.
Turned out just about everything down line needed replacing. Any chance your problem could be similar? Driving hard enough for gas to penitrate the gas cap seems unlikely! Seems like the problem would be visible to be so extreme. Plus the tank is pressurized which further limits such a phenomenon -wait that just gave me an idea...maybe your return hoses from the fuel distro are bad and your tank is not under pressure??? Just a guess.

kpeters   Posted Saturday, Dec 23rd 7:20pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 818
San Jose, Costa Rica
1981 320/6 Kastanienrot-Metallic 5spd
I have the original gas cap and it has never leaked .

Remuxer   Posted Saturday, Dec 23rd 7:36pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 9
Atlanta GA USA
83 320i
kpeters wrote:
I have the original gas cap and it has never leaked .

Mine failed emissions so I bought a cheesey one to pass the test but saved my original cause is so damn sexy compared to the aftermarket ones....That goes double for the oil cap.

kpeters   Posted Sunday, Dec 31st 9:06pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 820
San Jose, Costa Rica
1981 320/6 Kastanienrot-Metallic 5spd
The original cap is indeed a great cap

BarryA   Posted Wednesday, Jan 3rd 9:42pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 178

Sacramento CA
81 320
I'd be more inclined to blame the network of vapor hoses also (unless you can see spilled gasoline around the filler neck).

There was a significant leakage/gas smell problem with my USA/CA spec 320 when we first got it (bad enough that my wife refused to ride in it) - replacing all the hoses in the vapor recovery / overflow system completely eliminated the issue. Wouldn't hurt to replace the rubber "donut" that seal the fill neck to the body, either.

wharthog   Posted Wednesday, Jan 10th 12:30am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 114
SF Bay,California, USA
1982 323i, , R1150RT
I threw a new cap at it and it doesn't seem to leak/smell anymore. I get that nice pressure release hiss now when I open the cap to fill it. I'll also check the pipes/hoses/vaper return system... tho I'm not sure if the Euro cars have vaper return....

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