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imaradiostar   Posted Tuesday, Dec 19th 7:28am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 973
Nashville, TN
81 323i, 82 525i, 85 524td, 90 535i
OK, I have a tough car decision to make. I'd love for people to give their opinion.

My cousin and his wife need reliable transportation. They've been borrowing my E34 535i because their cars aren't reliable or finished and they just had a baby and need a car.

He's offering:
-'86 535i with a ported E32 cylinder head, bilsteins, Hartge wheels, H&R springs, limited slip, euro bumpers and a nagging intermittant no-run/dying problem. Car is rust free but was rear-ended, destroying the rear euro bumper and basically totaling the car.
-'82 525i, greymarket car with US 533i engine and trans, fresh megasquirt and spark conversion, E34 mesh wheels, worn out suspension and a slightly mismatched interior. It's mostly rust free but would need to be media blasted and epoxy primed in the next year or two to keep it from further deterioration.

So yeah, a project!

He'd be getting:
-'90 535i, auto trans rebuilt last month, lots of new parts, recent tires, runs great and everything works, needs some suspension work and a head gasket- it leaks coolant out the side of the head but not fast enough to cause the car to overheat. Oh has 260k miles on it!

It sure would be cool to have matching his and hers 3 and 5 series greymarket bimmers in kastenienrot metallic! I've always wanted to find a neat car to fix up for my wife. Seeing as my life goal is to open a restoration shop one day it'd be great to have the matching cars.

I don't want to loose my reliable daily driver though...tough choices!



redmist   Posted Tuesday, Dec 19th 5:54pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1017
357i , 325i e30 turbo
Stick with what you have, get a project car (e21/e30).

bmw_m_320i   Posted Tuesday, Dec 19th 7:38pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 743
Helena, Montana
none right now :(
Yeah I say hold onto the E34

imaradiostar   Posted Tuesday, Dec 19th 8:28pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 974
Nashville, TN
81 323i, 82 525i, 85 524td, 90 535i
Thanks for the opinions. I guess it isn't easy to make these kinds of decisions. I live only a mile or two from work and I don't really need the E34 535i because I usually drive my 323i to work anyway so I don't need the E34 except for long trips to visit family up North. My wife drives a Ford Focus that we may want to replace with an E34 525i. If we did that then we could use her car for any long-distance trips and I'd be free to tinker with my old cars.

I also have a rabbit GTI project, a rust free 2002, and was just offered a euro 635.

too many cars.


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