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General Forum : Anyone got pics of an e21 with pinstripes?

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      - Anyone got pics of an e21 with pinstripes?
Bill in MN   Posted Tuesday, Jan 23rd 11:52pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 81

Minnesota USA
1988 735, 1986 535 turbo, 1981 Baur 323i
My paint guy is trying to convince me a pinstripe might look good. He worked for a BMW dealership in CA for many years and says he's done about 100 e21's and in his estimation they look good.

I'm leaning towards not doing it but I'd at least like to see some examples before blindly say no.

imaradiostar   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 12:09am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 987
Nashville, TN
81 323i, 82 525i, 85 524td, 90 535i

one man's opinion.


Boost_me   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 2:08am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 87
Victoria, Australia
1981 BMW 323i
No I don't think it would suit them....

Bill in MN   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 4:14am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 82

Minnesota USA
1988 735, 1986 535 turbo, 1981 Baur 323i
Don't get too panicked. The guy has done a lot to help me out with his paint expertise and his taste/judgement is good. I at least owe him the favor of looking into it.

chupchup   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 12:20pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 160
u can always stick on the pinstrips and if u don't like it, pull it off.........

sunbeam***   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 2:25pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 239
wirral UK
1982 323i
Have a look at my car, NOT bmw pin stripes but my own take on them?
I too was undecided if i liked them or not so i bought 6mm and 4mm pin stripe and did my own on one side first and compared the 2 sides,IMHO the pin stripes show off the bodyline and i prefer them to a plain car?

Madhatter   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 3:06pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 95

Australia - QLD
E21, E24, E30
they came with pinstripes originally too.

Like the day it came out of the dealers

BruceH   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 3:08pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1092
Atlanta, GA USA
81 323 Baur, 85 745
When I got my '82 in 1982 the dealer pinstriped on delivery. Looked good, dark graphite two stripe on a black car. Striped just like Madhatter's pic.
>edit> thought is that the Baur has a LOT going on (visually) and the stripes may add more visual "noise".

Bill in MN   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 5:33pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 83

Minnesota USA
1988 735, 1986 535 turbo, 1981 Baur 323i
We're going to try one side, see how it looks. If it's too busy they come off.

The idea is not to go with too much of a contrasting color, just something that will augment the body line. Given the car is Henna, perhaps a darker red, deep orange....I don't know. Ron (paint "consultant") is an artist type who has a much better grasp on colors/what looks good (or doesn't) so we'll see what works.

It won't hurt to see how it looks. Tape peels off pretty easily

realcrouton   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 8:20pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 100
Washington, USA
1977 320i, 1981 323i, 1991 325ic, 2000 328i
You're talking about just doing the body line right? Not a full California, Beach Boys
T-Bucket look, right? That would be a shame.


sunbeam***   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 9:27pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 240
wirral UK
1982 323i
Bill, i've got to say black is the colour to have on a henna red car.
My first e21 was henna and had the double black pinstripe.
Black will go with the bumper rubbing strip, body mouldings and roof.

BarryA   Posted Wednesday, Jan 24th 9:44pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 180

Sacramento CA
81 320
Personally, I like a fine single highlight line just above the step in the body - preferably "tone on tone".

My Ascot gray car came with a single medium silver stripe about 1 mm wide that starts at a point just behind the back edge of the turn signal/side marker lens on the bottom edge of the hood, and runs all the way around the back to the same point on the other side.

chupchup   Posted Thursday, Jan 25th 4:06am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 162
U can check out the strips that used to be avaliable from BMW at RealOEM.

Robert   Posted Sunday, Feb 4th 3:37am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 107
The Netherlands
1979 320/6, 1980 323i Baur
How about Alpina striping on your Baur?

ichiwan2   Posted Sunday, Feb 4th 4:13pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 260
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
There is always the Hartge design:

Dr. Z   Posted Friday, Feb 9th 5:07am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1

Adelaide, South Australia
1980 323i euro spec
Hi everyone, I'm new here. But my 323i's got M style pinstripes. So here it is, hope you like it

Ok, got the photobucket thing-o. Thanks pjs

pjs323i   Posted Friday, Feb 9th 5:17am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 51
Canberra, Australia
'81 323i
nah man, you gotta get a photobucket account or something:

elias_11   Posted Sunday, Mar 4th 10:26am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 4

1982 BMW 323i
My 323 has pinstripes. Its a Henna car with twin gold pinstripes on the side. Check out My Car for pics.

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