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General Forum : Some photos of my new exhaust

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realcrouton   Posted Friday, Dec 28th 10:31pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 134
Washington, USA
1977 320i, 1981 323i, 1991 325ic, 2000 328i
Last year I bought a Supersprint exhaust system off of ebay used (only$150!) and this week I finally got the chance to clean them up and install them. I took a wire-wheel to them to nock off any loose paint and a little bit of rust then I painted them with black, high-temp BBQ paint.

The system bolted right and was easy to install except that I had to drop the left fuel tank a few inches temporarily to run the pipe to the rear, I would not have had to do this if I could have gotten my car higher off the ground, I want a lift or a pit! These pipes sound terrific and I think the twin chrome tips on each side look awesome.

I have a set of headers that I am going to install next, but I think I'll have a muffler shop do that as it will be more complicated.

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