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g323   Posted Monday, Oct 20th 5:39am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 312
323i 1982
Hi all, i pulled this list from

E21 323i Engine Plug
Engine plug:

1 Brown/Green Brown/Green Oil pressure switch to instrument cluster
3 Green/Black Green/Violet & Black/Green Power to Fuel pump from Fuel pump relay and starter
5 Blue Blue Alternator Charge (D+) to instrument cluster
6 Green/Violet Green Coil 15+ / O2 Sensor Heater Relay
8 Green Green ignition switch to Motronic #27
10 Black Yellow/Black ignition switch (start) to starter
13 Brown/White Brown/Violet from injector rail (temp sensor) to instrument cluster
15 Black Black from Motronic #6 to tachometer

US E21
1 (oil pressure sensor)
3 (fuel pump power)
5 (alternator charge)
6 (ignition power [fused] to O2 heater relay)
8 (ignition power [unfused] to ECU)
10 (starter power from ignition switch starting position)
13 (coolant temp sensor)
15 (tachometer signal)

These lists dont seem to work with mine though as i dont have any wires in 2,3,5,6,7.

consolidating the links from the next post, i think mine work in the following ways:
No. Terminal Designation
1 31 Ground Distribution
2 - No wire
3 - No wire
4 FT Temperature gauge- Gauges/Warning indicators, Coolant
5 L No wire
6 A No wire
7 SI No wire
8 P+ Position sender Ignition, TDC Sensor
9 S Shielding Ignition, TDC Sensor
10 P- Position sender - Ignition, TDC Sensor
11 50 Starting pulse for starter
12 61 Alternator charge indicator,
13 1 Ignition coil signal
14 30 Battery +, Charge System, Alternator
15 15 Power supply for ignition, Idle Speed Control

g323   Posted Monday, Oct 20th 5:55am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 313
323i 1982

g323   Posted Monday, Oct 20th 8:50pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 315
323i 1982
Sorry to be bothering you all with this however I got my remote starter(piece of 30a wire with a 30a fuse in the line) to work with the diagnostic socket -

Im pretty sure that its the same for both kinds of 15 pin sockets, and the 20 pin socket and its very cool!!!!

I wonder what other stuff we can do with this socket,,,

Just jump 11 and 14 and there you go, i look forward to using this the next time i adjust my valves!

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