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g323   Posted Wednesday, Dec 3rd 6:00pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 319
323i 1982

(See: for further discussion)

So i took off my m20 200 head to replace it with a 731 head i had rebuild and found 2 hairline cracks coming out of a head bolt(the one with a dowel closest to the passenger) and going in to opposing water jackets.

I am over budget, and out of time as this is my daily driver. I could probably get my hands on a used m20 block even though i don't really have the money(long term investment). So,,,,,, here are my options then

-Change block out for used 323i block
-Change block out for used 323i block rebuilt
-Change block out for used eta block
-change block out for used eta block rebuilt
-leave block in, used a Teflon thread sealer on the head bolts which never drys or hardens, and KW block sealer in the coolant system.

First question:
How much work is it to get the block out and do I need a hoist?

Second question:
How much work is it to get the other block in?

Third question:
How much do block rebuilds go for?

Fourth question:
What do you all think of my last idea on the list of leaving the block in...

TJ   Posted Thursday, Dec 4th 12:08pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 70

82 528e2i 84 320i/4 80 320i
If there's a crack leading from the bolt hole, I doubt that the bolt will hold. The hole will distort when you go to torque it down.

Find a good used eta block and stick it in there with the 731 head. It'll be a good setup. Since you already have the head off, replacing the block shouldn't be that much more work. An engine picker would probably be the way to go, although if you have enough clearance above the car you can use a come-along suspended from a tripod or something.

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