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Oldmanwillie   Posted Thursday, Jan 8th 2:19pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 26

South Australia
1982 323i motorsport
Hey guys its been a while since ive been active in the forums but i am probably going to be a lot more active in the future.

i bout a 323i motorsport (motorsport not M i know) about 2 1/2 years ago now.. this was my first car and my daily driver. it has been sitting in my dads shed for nearly a year now due to me moving interstate. i now have a new car but am way to attached to the old bimmer to sell it, and have put way to much money fixing it to simply sell it.. so i figure the best thing to do with it is to put heaps more money into it and turn it into a track car looking at hill climbs, tarmac rally, basically just time trial stuff.

so here is the thing.. my dad and i love the old BMW's. (he dreams of a 635csi) but we arent exactly sure what the best way to go about making our little 323 into something that can lay down some proper track times.

pretty much i just wanna know whats the best way to make it go fast handle tight and stop quick..

doesnt have to be road registerable either..

jdench   Posted Sunday, Jan 11th 1:49pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 210

Sussex, UK
1979 E21 323i, 1998 E36 323i touring
I would strip out the interior, fit a full weld in roll cage, alpina sway bars and strut braces front upper and lower and rear. Better brakes (there is a big brake conversion thread on the forums somewhere!) 15" wheels with decent tyres. A shorter differential ratio for hill climbs with Limited slip would be good or a Sport gearbox with the dogleg first. Maybe a 2.7 super eta conversion for more low end grunt.
A decent set of nice Bilstein gas filled shocks with lowering springs.
It just depends how much cash you want to spend on it!

Oldmanwillie   Posted Sunday, Jan 11th 2:23pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 27

South Australia
1982 323i motorsport

yeah well if we go for the track only option (no rego) then the roll cage will be a goer, and stripping the interior will go with that i guess. yeah i remember seeing a number of threads about the brake upgrades. ill have to go lookin for it again. yeah and the 2.7 eta swapover seems to be the most common way.. we already have an LSD in it but new ratios will probably be the go if we decide to follow the hill climb idea. we are still working out which class we want to try and fit in. which i suppose will impact on the level of modification we go to..

out of curiosity how many different engines can fit into the e21.. i know there have been a few threads in here a while back about different conversions.

jdench   Posted Monday, Jan 12th 1:15am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 211

Sussex, UK
1979 E21 323i, 1998 E36 323i touring
M30 'Big sixes' fit in without too many problems, They sold a 333i in S.Africa, so a 635csi engine should fit ok. There is a bloke in Essex that will make you engine mounts and front valences with the cutouts for larger radiators. There are turbo charging kits for M20 engines, although there seem to be more for the M10. Maybe a turbocharged M10 as it will be lighter so the front/rear weight balance will be better than with a M30. There was a chap in the UK who fitted a 750i V12 into an e30. It might be a bit of an overkill though
Most engines will fit with a big enough hammer

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