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General Forum : Buying 118d + E30 racer, keep the economy going :)

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      - Buying 118d + E30 racer, keep the economy going :)
Tricord   Posted Thursday, Feb 12th 12:29am [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 1023
Belgium, Europe
323i Baur
Well, I just went for it. I traded in the 320/6 and the 323i 2.7l racer (which I kinda totalled on Spa-Francorchamps) and bought a brand new 118d, complete with M suspension, seats and steering wheel, 17" rims, xeon lights and another heap of goodies. It is to be delivered by the end of the month. Should be nice, will look into chiptuning to 170-180hp once I get it

To replace the trashed 323i, I bought an E30 325i beefed up for track racing, including 2.7l conversion at 210-220hp, rollcage, plastic windows and fenders (weight!), E36 suspension and M diff (40%), sparco 5-point racing seats and other goodies. Granted, it's not an E21 (I wish it was!) but at the price I couldn't let this one go to replace the track racer.

Next track day is 17th of April, very curious about the E30 performance!

You probably guessed it: I have money but not even a second of spare time.. So no more garage tinkering for me, which is a shame. But hey, I had my fun, now I just buy more fun

Hope everyone still lurking around here is doing fine!


Yety   Posted Wednesday, Feb 18th 1:09pm [Edit] [Quote] [IMS] [View car]
Post nr. 169
Europe, Romania
Not at your level of course, but I've noticed something somehow similar in my case : I managed to "gather" 1k Euros to buy another E21 - a legally registrable one, this time - and register it on my own name, but I have no more time and conditions to work on it... at least until the weather warms up, hopefully... luckily, my girlfriend loves me enough to admit that she will not be too mad on me for spending some of my free time on tinkering

Have fun with your "new toys", Tri !

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