Rahman BMW e21

Rahman's e21 320/6 versus Nazca?
GOTO: e21 club in Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand

How did I fell into BMW?
Which BMW i owned..
My e21 320/6 Story
e21 320/6 and 5 speed gearbox Storynew 21/6/04
e21 with Datco F1 mufflernew 15/7/04
My e21 320/4 1976 Story new 21/6/04
My e34 520i Story
M20 6cylinder engine cross section view
Understanding BMW Body/Models
Understanding BMW Engines
DIYer's Techtip- Save Money

Real life crash test on car from Germany
Need parts, so E21 Donor car was acquired
Cutting E21 Donor car
Welded e21 donor's nose to crushed e21
At last! My e21 after some body works and touch up paint job

How much i spent this month on my BeeEm's

I love BMW. Period.
In fact, IMHO they are easiest to maintain and cheaper too.
In my case, being a DIYer, can't get no satisfaction doing up my bimmers.

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I'm very keen to setup network for e21 owners in Malaysia.

I have setup
Yahoogroup for BMW e21 in Malaysia And Singapore

If you are in Malaysia and one of those whom appreciate this Forgotten Bimmer, why not subscribe to above forum.

Being e21 owner in Malaysia, we can share experiences for repairing, fixing, modifications or wanna ask for opinion or troubleshooting assistance, please contact me too.

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Nice modified rear e21

Track day at Batu 3 Shah Alam with SABIMMER, Malaysia- 19 Apr 2003

There are lot of crazy people that i can get help from whenever i am in trouble with my bimmers.
Initially Yahoo group BMW e21 digest and later roadfly forum:
Yahoo BMW e21 digest
Roadfly e21
Roadfly e32
Malaysian Own E30 Club-Simply Awesome BIMMERS
BMW e21 Community in Malaysia and Singapore

And later many more. Some of my favorite bmwlinks

15" rim and 195/60/15 front and 205/60/15 rear

Upcoming project: Transplant 323 engine, gearbox, rear diff and rear disc brak
  • Remove engine and 5sp gearbox from parts e21 DONE!
  • Remove cylinder headDONE!
  • Grind valveTo do
  • Change timing beltTo do
  • Change water pumpTo do
  • crankshaft sealsTo do
  • water plug/ water jacket sealTo do
  • Shifter BushingsTo do
  • output flange sealTo do
  • gear selector shaft sealTo do
  • flexdiscTo do
  • reverse light switchTo do
  • cluch plateTo do
  • cluch bearingTo do
  • front brake padsTo do
  • Transplant rear brakes and replace brake padTo do
  • Transplant rear diffTo do
  • To do
  • To do
  • To do
  • To do
  • Major's e21 with 2.5L Motronic engine and e30 dashboard

    See how fast e21 can be!!!