My 320/6 (e21) 1982, Solex 4A1 Carb, 4-speed manual. Photo Sept 2001, my daily driver. Recently did cylinder head overhaul

My e21 story
Date AcquiredNov 2000
Model320 e21 1982
No of Cylinder6 cylinder
Engine TypeM20 2.0L 1982
Fuel SystemSolex 4A1 Carburetor
Gearbox4 Speed Getrag 242 (maybe)
Final Drive Ratio3.64
Fuel ConsumptionRM40 for 3-4 days of daily drive (trip meter don't work) approx. 70km to 100km per day
Wheel Size13 inches stock rim with 185x13 tyre
Top speed tested so far180km/h at 5500+ RPM
ModificationStock configuration
Major repair #1: Aug 2002Serviced Cylinder head: Eliminate smoke and spark plug foul/deposit
Major repair #2Replaced front absorber Boge
Replace 2 unit of lower control arm
Replaced 2 unit of tie-rod
To do listTo replace gearbox with 5-speed
To upgrade crankshaft, piston, conrod with M20 2.3L engine (hence legal upgrade to 2.3L) but using same Solex 4A1 carburetor
Or, to upgrade 2.0L M20 Motronic, if found 2.0L M20 Motronic half cut at bargain price
General CommentVery advanced car for its age
Simple to maintain. Fun to drive. Very satisfying. Reasonable fuel consumption.
Typical ProblemCarburetor settings
Vacuum hoses/lines need to be correctly connected.
Distributor timing need to adjust correctly.