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E21 owners and their cars

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1981 323i/2.7
Owner: imaradiostar
In registry since: Wednesday, Jun 7th 8:57am.
Year: 1981
Location: Nashville, TN

1981 323i, currently my daily driver. I purchased it in the summer of 2004. It had an E30 323i engine in the trunk when I got it but no engine under the hood! The fuel tanks had a solid two inches of varnish in them when I started working on the car. I replaced my tanks with ones my boss had stored at the shop. I have had the car running since march 2005 when I built a 2.7 stroker for it.

Modifications and tuning
-2.7 eta short block, freshened up with new bearings and rings
-European E30 323i head, stock
-E21 323i intake manifold, welded along the bottom of the intake runners to provide enough material to match the E30 cylinder head
-US 320i alloy wheels, 13x5.5
-Sumitomo HTR 200 tires, 205/60/13
-dogleg 5 speed, soon to be overdrive!
-3.45 limited slip differential
-bilstein sport shocks and struts, dinan ? springs
-rebuilt front calipers

imported and federalized in 1985. Looks like the corner markers and lambda frequency valve system were added at that time- not sure about the AC system but I would not be surprised if that was added at that time as well. I have all the paperwork for the car including the manual for the kamei spoiler. I feel that I payed a very fair price for the car which is welcome in the wake of selling my last 323i for far less than its value!


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