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E21 owners and their cars

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Owner: M42powered
In registry since: Monday, Nov 8th 9:28pm.
Year: 1981
Location: Arizona, USA


Full report is available on my website . The car is a shadow of what it was the day my uncle brought it over for me. Handing me the keys I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m sure he never envisioned it turning into what you now see.

It started as your basic 320i. Polaris Metallic with the optional sunroof and a 3 speed automatic. Nothing really special about it ;)

Modifications and tuning
Hold on to your hat:

  • Suspension (my favorite):

    • LEDA front struts

      • 24 way adjustable bound and rebound (together not seperate)

      • Ride height adjustable threaded sleeves with collars

      • Hypercoil 350 lb/in 2.5 inch ID springs

    • LEDA rear shocks

      • Same as front struts, spring rate = 250 lb/in

    • Ireland Engineering \'racing\' camber plates

    • Top End Performance rear strut brace w/ battery relocation
      • Optima redtop battery

    • Quickor 28mm front sway bar
      • Custom front sway bar mounts with polyeurothane bushings
    • Quickor 22mm rear swaybar with poly bushings and adjustable linkages

    • Hartge front strut brace

    • Polyeurothane control arm bushings

    • Polyeurothane steering rack bushings

  • Drivetrain:

    • M42 engine transplant

      • Dinan software

      • Alpina B6 engine mounts

      • Custom front subframe

      • 2.25 inch full length custom mandrel exhaust

      • E30 318is radiator

      • Motor sits LOW and BACK (very little clearance)

    • Getrag 206/5 Transmission

      • Standard 5 speed on E30 318is

    • 3.91 LSD (soon be 4.10 I found a ring and pinion)

    • Wheels

      • MiM 1800\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s (15x7) - One of three known sets in the US.

      • Exim (14x6)

  • Exterior:

    • Euro Bumpers

    • Blacked out chrome

    • Primer Spots

    • Sunbleached clear turn signals (oooohhhhh)

    • 4 brake lights (filled the euro slots as well)

    • French Headlights

    • H4 high/low combo

  • Interior:

    • Honda CRX si seats

    • Momo ergo shift knob

    • Euro \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'green to red\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' tach

    • The heart of a lion


The car was originally purchased by my great uncle in 1981 (I have the original lease papers). The car was used and lived in Wyoming, where it stayed one winter hooked up to a block heater. Sadly the power went out and the engine attempted to start. Cracked block was the name of the game and she soon recieved a new motor (wouldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be the last time).

My uncle took the car and did maintenance and kept it running for a while until he handed the keys over to me. I now race the car in my spare time and enjoy it very much. Nothing makes me happier than getting greasy working on that thing.


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