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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 323i
Owner: JJG323
In registry since: Tuesday, Dec 30th 6:21am.
Year: 1979
Location: Reading MA

1979 BMW 323i, IBERSCROT. web site:

Brand New Special Paint Job..(Spanish Red like porsche guards red) 65,000 miles, Recaros,HARTGE VALVE COVER, BBS 15 x 6s front 15 x7s rear. BBS Front Motorsport Spoiler, BBS Rear Spoiler, Zender Side skirts, removed Dot lights in the quarters, euro front lights, MTS clear turn signals. Rolled fender lips, new Entire skin: tail panel, new roof with factory style sunroof, quarters, door, rockers, fenders, floors.

Modifications and tuning
Has dogleg tranny, ZF Motorsport steering rack, ANSA cermiac coated headers and full system with duals. New engine has MM 2.9 liter Weisco forged pistons, S50 crank, S50 Rods, 288 cam, forged rocker arms.

1989 325i e30 Block bored out to 2.9 liters. Lightened 325i flywheel. Matching 887 91 325i head. Plus 1 VAC valves, Ported and polished head.

Lowered on Blistein Sports and Racing Dynamic springs, Dinan front sway bar, Dinan adjustable rear subframe. Alpina B6 lower tie bar, BMP Stress bars, Recaros and MOMO champion steering wheel.
Clear turn signals, correct euro front head lights and rolled fender lips.

After seaching far and wide I found this car in my early 20s. My next door neighbor was Steve "FITZY" Fizgerald and sparked my interest in 323s as he raced his 1982 grey Beast - at limerock.

*****STEVE FITZGERALD'S RACE CAR is the grey car ******

My car was imported into the states in 1985 and was in an accident. I have restored it and replaced all panels, and fixed the frame. It had a glass pop up style sunroof. Now it sports a new "Factory correct" 1982 style roof, and later style mirrors. Fender lips have been rolled and entire car has been zinc oxcide primed. For me I have always been interested in cars and BMWs for years, but there is something about the e21. This car is my dream car.

Hopefully I will have the thing out of the shop soon...after Way to long of a stay there.


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