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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 1978 320is US
Owner: marinersfan
In registry since: Wednesday, May 29th 7:35pm.
Year: 1978
Location: Springfield, MO

This great little car needs repainted in its original Sierra Beige color and currently features 15-inch Sumitomos on Panasport wheels and being a sport model came with a LSD and rear sway bar. The sound system has been upgraded with a new Kenwood head unit, Boston Acoustic speakers for the rear parcel shelf, Polks for the footwells, all powered with an Alpine 400W, 4CH amplifier. The original 2.0L M10 in this little car threw a clip that holds the thrust pin in on the #1 piston and trashed the cylinder wall. Rather than go with oversized pistons I acquired a donor 2.0L that was tank cleaned, bores honed and cross-hatched, fitted with new main bearings, rod bearings and rings and matched with a Pacesetter header. The donor was in such fine shape that no grinding was necessary on the crank or the cam. The rebuild process also consisted of a new E30 oil pump, new water pump, new horns, new Sachs clutch kit, new alternator bushings, new horns and new motor mounts and engine damper kit. In addition all the emissions components have been removed and ends cleanly plugged. The nose and everything back to the firewall was prepped with POR-15 and painted. The Recaro's been recovered with new custom covers and new seat bolster straps. Also during the first rebuild I put in new door and trunk weather seals as well. It is a BLAST to drive!

5 years after the rebuild, the oil pump spline stripped on the gear and ended up spinning a bearing. The engine, tranny, fuel tanks, fuel hoses, along with the fuel pumps, accumulator, filter are out of the car and those are all being upgraded at this moment. The 4-speed tranny is making way for a 5-speed and I'm rerouting the battery to the trunk. In addition, all of the shifter components have been replaced with new. That includes new mount blocks, bushings, springs, and hardware.

Just prior to this current rebuild, the control arms, tie rods were replaced with new parts and I refurbished the steering rack and added a new steering stablizer.

The engine has been painted and is nearly complete. Much of the engine covers and ancilliary parts have been painted a silver/grey color while the engine block is blue. The next thing before the wheels get put back in is I have new rotors and drums to put on with new bearings.

Modifications and tuning
Emissions has been completely removed.
Battery currently being moved to the trunk.
4-speed tranny being replaced with 5-speed.

Originally was a So. Cal runner. I purchased the car from someone in Indianapolis on Ebay in July 2003. She has gone through a tremendous amount of restoration in the 10 years I've owned her.


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