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E21 owners and their cars

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E21 323i
Owner: JDBeyer
In registry since: Tuesday, Mar 6th 6:21am.
Year: 1982
Location: Northern Ca.

Alpine White, Recaro seats, sunroof, duel mirrors, currently has a 3.91 LSD. 5spd. O.D. and a 3.0 stroker.
Rockford Fosgate amps and Q component speakers in all 4 corners, subwoofer,Xovers,amps and Optima battery in trunk.

Modifications and tuning
To much to list but this would be the main modifications:
1990 2.5 block with a 2.5 cyl. head. Extrude hone powdercoated intake manifold, Custom machined'87 2.5i throttle housing machined for idle screw and ported vac. with a 64mm throttle plate. S50 M3 crank and rods,lightened, Custom 10.7 JE forged pistons with "i" domes, gapless rings, Schrick 272 cam, light port work. Custom 3.5" air box with heat shield, Porche air flow meter, Tweeked both WUR and E30 ign. dist.
I use high presure water/alcohol injection becouse of the high comp. ratio.VERY EFECTIVE.
It has a 8 lb.Alum. flywheel, Sachs sport clutch, Supersprint headers with custom X crossover and exhaust.
Urathane everywhere Bilstein's all around with H&R springs, 28.5mm front bar with tie bar, adjusable 22mm bar in the rear with Kmacs front & rear
Front and rear stress bars and custom frame rails with renforcements. Hardy&Beck wheel centers with BBS rim halves 16x7 front 16x8 rear running 215x40 and 245x35 tires.
Also installed a Alpina Diff. cover
Fronts are Wilwood dynapro with custom hats and 11.75 rotors
Rears have Cross drilled sloted rotors curently with green stuff pads, stainless brake lines.
Performance: I hope so!
G tech. says 0-60 in 5.3 sec. 1/4 mile in 13.7
Run on a Dynojet dyno it put down a best of 197 H.P. and 204 tourqe to the wheels
This car is fast, but I need just a little more!
My car was in Bimmer magazine, Feb. 2007.

I wanted a 323i since I first drove/worked on them in 1980. This car lived in Germany untill 1986 when the orig. owner brought it here,and Performed EPA and DOT work to it. I found it parked on the street in Garberville Ca. The second owner could not get it up his road so he parked it in town for his runs to the S.F. bay area. It was in pretty fair shape for having 180,000 mi. when I finally was able to get him to part with it. That was in 1997.


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