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E21 owners and their cars

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Owner: MayanArch
In registry since: Monday, Jan 3rd 5:07am.
Year: 1998
Location: Miami, Florida

OK, this is not an E21....but it is an excellent part of my growing collection.

I bought it as a European Delivery (read below). This allowed me to choose any color I wanted in the interior and exterior. I chose the \\\"Cosmos Black\\\", with no pin stripes, no sun roof or power seats (added weight), and the light gray leather interior. This combination would have been impossible to find in the dealerships in Miami, where 90% of the cars are flat black, red, or blue and all of them have pin stripes, sun roofs, and tan interiors.

Modifications and tuning
Alpina front spoiler.

I actually believe this car is perfect as is. I am slightly disapointed by the torque under 2k RPM. The need for constant air conditioning in Miami, Florida seriously hinders the torque.

Other than that, I would not change a thing. I have even hesitated in changing the stock BBS wheels for the Alpinas.

This car was bought under the \\\"European Delivery\\\" program. I picked this car up in Munich and drove it to paris with my wife. Needless to say, inagurating you brand new BMW on the AutoBahn is the best thing I have done in my far.

My wife did the research and we took all the backroads. The trip from Munich to Paris goes through Alsace, which is a border region which has switched from being German to French several times. It has been a point of debate, and the land has switched hands as a result of the major wars.

Of particular interest is the Route du Vin. This is a series of small towns, all of which dedicate themselves to growing wines. You are supposed to stop in each one and taste their particular wine. The drive is a never ending curving road through viniards.

A drive that just should not be mist by any BMW enthusiast is the Route du Crete. This is a winding mountain road which the French carved into an out of the way mountain so they could go unnoticed by German forces (typical). It winds up....and then winds down. It seems to be a favorite for BMW bike owners. Being from pancake flat Miami, Florida...this drive was sort of too much for me. I got bitched out in German for GOING TOO SLOW DOWN THE SLOPES!!!!!

I have included some pictures. OK....they are not of engines or modifications, but I sincerely believe this experience is a pilgrimage all BMW owners should make at least once in their life.


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