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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 323i Auto
Owner: major_gudien
In registry since: Friday, Feb 4th 11:04am.
Year: 1981
Location: Malaysia

This is my 323i Auto 3 speeds.

Modifications and tuning
Basic.Just acquired about one year. Still unfinished project and a lot of things to do. But, time is the constrainst.

I saw this car in the local newspaper ad.Called the owner for an appointment. I looked at the car. Not really intresting at all. A lot of rust, dirty engine, many things were not correct. Interior smell stink.But I thought, at least its good for spare parts since I have an 320.At least I can take the power assisted steering system and the rear disc brake system and transfer to my 320. But intresting enough, the car started at the first attempt. I thought to call a tow truck to send it to my home. Actually no need. Anyway, I took the car one week later,it was at nite, the battery went dead, so I got to call AAM to bring new battery.After travelling about 5 miles, the water jacket burst and I cant drive the car. I got to call to truck in the mids of the nite to send it to the garage near my house.Then the car was sent to a body and respray was there almost two months, since Im looking for some parts required. Now the car is back on the road, but I havent done with the interior yet.


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