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E21 owners and their cars

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E21 320/6 Baur
Owner: anthonyrthomasuk
In registry since: Monday, Apr 11th 11:10pm.
Year: 1980
Location: Guisborough, Cleveland

Yellow with black hood.

Modifications and tuning

I bought this car last april (2004), it had only two previos owners and looked in reasonable condition for the year. i was taken for a sucker when i bought it as it had a lot of things wrong with it that were not obvious at the time. After i got it home i found it needed a new camshaft which was going to cost me 700 at a BMW specialist, i was fortunate enough to get a reconditioned head of ebay for 120, it was someone of this site that found that.If i hadnt got the head i would have probably had to scrap the car as when i was stripping the old one more problems arose which would have made it difficult to fit the original head back on. Since i fitted that i have also rebuilt the carb as it was in a poor state (i still need bits for that but i cant source any). Once it was put back together i took it to a garage to have the rockers adjusted, it ran better after that but every now and again it would make a hell of a rattling noise, i thought it was coming from the cam, but the garage reckoned it was the bottom end. After i took it home it was still rattling so i took the rocker cover of and had a listen, i turned the engine of and checked the tappets and found one of the retaining springs was really loose, i tightened the spring up and reset the gap and it was fine after that. If i had realised how easy it was to set the gaps i wouldnt have took it to the garage.


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