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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 320i
Owner: patrick37
In registry since: Thursday, May 19th 7:43am.
Year: 1981
Location: W. Vancouver

Fairly clean E21 i picked up for 550 canadian $.
Needed some minor TLC to get it running well. Still need to do some head work as the stem seals leak, which makes a good cloud on cold starts and high revs.

Modifications and tuning
Bilstein sports and suspension tech. springs, rides great! New sound system,dual 12\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" subs to shake the rust off!
minor intake and exhaust work, makes a great backfire/burbling noise on decel which sounds pretty cool
Some old Riken 15\" rims with some GT radials, these tires are crazy cheap, and not too bad either.
Drilled out the f. bumper shocks and mashed them in.

Not really known. the person i bought it from didnt do much in the way of maintaining it, i had to replace all the brake pads/shoes, replaced a fron caliper, flushed the cooling system (had to take the rad out and put a hose in it for an hr just to get it sort of clean inside. replaced the plugs, wires, cap and rotor.


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