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E21 owners and their cars

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323i S edition
Owner: Tricord
In registry since: Thursday, Jun 3rd 9:05pm.
Year: 1982
Location: Belgium

I bought this car in April 2003 as a restauration project from someone in the Netherlands. I'm still working on it.

It's going to be completely overhauled. So far the engine has been rebuilt. +0.5mm rebore, six new pistons, 12 new valves and guides, resurfaced head, polished and balanced cam and crank, new bearings, new oil and water pump, new starter, new injectors and spark plugs, etc..

The shell is currently being prepped to be repainted - in original two colors, Ascotgrau Metallic and Graphite Metallic.
The Recaro seats will be reupholstered, and the rest of the car will be fitted with various new items, such as brand new head- and taillights, new exhaust, new rubbers and chrome, etc.

It's sucking up all my money ;)

Modifications and tuning
No modifications.

The car has Billsteins all round, a three-spoke sport leather wheel, an overdrive five speed gearbox, cloth-and-leather Recaro seats, two-tone paint and painted mirrors to match the bodywork. All of this is bone stock and as delivered by BMW originally, I intend to keep it that way.

I don't know really that much about this car, except that all the goodies it came with were stock. It seems BMW made special limited series of the E21 model just before introducing the E30 in 1983.

During my quest to find information about this particular car, I found that BMW NL could tell me in which BMW garage it was sold new (a shop named "Kera" in Kerkrade). When calling them though, they couldn't tell me anything about it, their records seemed to go only a few years back, let alone to 1982, when the car was sold.

BMW headquarters in Germany could not find information about this car in their archives using the VIN, which is quite odd. In the end, they managed to trace the car using a paper slip I found entangled in the springs of the rear seat - most BMW's have this. It's a little slip of paper with plenty of numbers on it, from that you can derive what options, colors and features the car was initially sold with.

I am perhaps third or fourth owner - I have no idea. The previous owner didn't or couldn't tell me all that much. When dismantling the car I found everything to be still stock, and though it had some rust damage in several places, it was still in addressable condition.


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