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E21 owners and their cars

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320i E21
Owner: shauer
In registry since: Thursday, Jun 10th 2:28pm.
Year: 1977
Location: Rochester, NY USA

Topasbraun Metallic US spec. 320i. 68k original miles. Car was manufactured in Oct of 1976 so it must be from one of the first few production batches that was shipped to the US. The car has undergone a 6 month restoration that has brought it back to near showroom condition. See my member's page for many more pictures of this project.

Also check out my web site:

Modifications and tuning
- All smog stuff removed
- 9.5:1 90mm JE forged pistons with TotalSeals
- Metric Mechanic sport cam, double valve springs
- e21parts rocker arm retainers
- Mechanical Adv. Distributor (2002 ti)
- Pertronix Ignitor
- Autolite superstock coil
- Header
- 5-speed transmission
- 3.91 LSD
- Urethane rear trailing arm bushings
- Front spoiler
- Rear shelf speaker enclosure

This car has been in my family since new. It was purchased by my Uncle and driven only in good weather until 1993. It saw only one winter in its lifetime. My Uncle stopped driving the car in 1993 and it sat for the next ten years.

It was given to me in September 2002 and I spent the winter replacing suspension, steering, brakes, cluth, seals, gaskets, etc. to get it back on the road.

I drove the car the summer of 2003 and then started a full restoration of the car in September 2003. It was disassembled to a bare rolling body and had the top side stripped to bare metal and repainted. The car was then reassembled with mostly new OEM parts. The restoration was completed in April 2004. The car is very close to new showroom condition. I have not dyno'd the car yet but I am guessing it has somewhere around 140-150HP.


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