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E21 owners and their cars

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Owner: Engineer
In registry since: Sunday, Aug 14th 6:10am.
Year: 1977
Location: Harrisburg, PA

The odometer reads 72,091. Equipped with a 4-speed gearbox and A/C, dark green. The engine has been rebuilt, (polished crank, new rings & bearings, rebuilt head and new cluch disc). The car still needs more restoration work. There are still a few small parts missing. The body is basically rust free (except for below the tail lights). I had to do a LOT of cleaning and removal of rust / corosion. The trunk had a lot of water in it, (there was a LOT of mold and mildew). I have to finish installing the engine... (MANY vacuum line connections!) I also have to get the stale fuel out of the fuel tank, etc... I\'ll post pictures soon. :-)

Modifications and tuning
None yet. I just started working on this car (on 8/5/05). My initial focus is to get the car cleaned up, running right and back on the road so I can test it out at all speeds and road conditions, to see what else it will need.

My brother bought the car about 6 years ago with a blown (overheated) engine. He rebuilt the engine and installed it (70%) into the car. The car has been sitting in his front yard since 1999.


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