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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 315/2.5i
Owner: bmwwill
In registry since: Wednesday, Sep 28th 6:16pm.
Year: 1983
Location: Nashville, TN

(entered by jamie tyson, forum name \"imaradiostar\" on behalf of his employer, Will Fischer)

This car is a euro spec 315 with an engine from an E30 325is. It originally had a tiny m10 engine with a single barrel carb and electronic ignition (which now resides in a customer\'s 2002 daily driver). It probably had a plain jane interior from the factory but now has 320is recaros and a sport steering wheel. This car is low, stiff and fast! It\'s a bit of a stealth car too- the factory 323i exhaust is pretty quiet and you don\'t hear this thing coming!

Modifications and tuning
-E30 325i engine w/ performance chip and clamp-on air filter, sitting in an M20 subframe from a 323i
-polished intake manifold and valve cover
-E30 325i oil cooler adapter with Volvo turbo heat exchanger mounted in front of the radiator, custom oil lines.
-rear battery conversion using E30 wiring
-bilstein sports
-eibach springs (I think)
-E30 rear caliper conversion
-E21 323i vented front calipers and rotors
-stainless steel brake hoses
-Borbet 15x7 wheels with 205/50/15 tires
-recently rebuilt 3.45 limited slip differential (used carrier from a 320is diff with gearset from a differential purchased here, fresh bearings and crush sleeve from BMW)
-320is interior including seats and three spoke leather steering wheel
-E30 overdrive transmission
-tinted windows (rear needs to be redone)
-huge swaybars, unknown manufacturer, possibly Eibach
-E30 325is rear lip spoiler
-stock 320is radio
-aftermarket speakers in the rear parcel shelf
-square headlight \"california kit\", appears to be a Hella branded kit.
-BBS front spoiler with cutouts for fog lights
-323i exhaust, looks to be Bosal manufacture (sounds totally different than the Eberspaecher on my 323i/2.7!)

Will purchased this car about 10 years ago with the body kit already installed. Will upgraded using components from a rusted out 323i and a wrecked E30 325is. Will originally planned to install an M50 engine from another wrecked bimmer (and even had it in the engine bay!) but eventually settled on the m20 engine due to the ease of conversion and better engine bay clearance. Since Will has finished the car several years ago he\'s won awards at Eurofest a number of times.


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