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E21 owners and their cars

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320i -w- Century Turbo
Owner: nowloadingrage
In registry since: Wednesday, Jun 21st 4:24am.
Year: 1983
Location: Clinton, TN

My most recent car is a really nice 320i. Bought it from Myersport in Aug. 2005
Myersport did a great job with this car. Just finished rebuilding the block. After driving the car for the past 3 weeks I have decided that is the best handling car I have ever driven. The power that the turbo puts out is insane. Managed to get the clutch to slip at 4,000rpm in 3rd and sounds like the u-joints will not live much longer.

Modifications and tuning
-Rebuilt yet a 1.8 liter m10
-New oil pump & high volume chain
-Century/BAE Turbo kit curretly set to 4psi
-K&N Filtercharger
-2.5\\\" Exhaust w/ Flowmaster 60 seies

-Originally an automatic, converted to 5speed
-3.91 Limited Slip

-H&R Springs
-Koni Adjustable Reds
-13x6 Carroll Shelby Wheels (205/60/13)
-Lug bolt to stud conversion
-Alpina adjustable rear sway bar
-Vented front rotors

-E30 leather sport seats
-3 spoke leather sport wheel
-AC Schinitzer Aluminum pedals
-Sony cassette with 10 disc cd
-E30 component speakers
-Operational A/C

-Front bumper delete
-Foha front spoiler
-Shadowline Trim

A little info about Nowloadingrage.
Myersport sold me my first 320i in 1996. It was a 78 that was about 7 different colors. Paid $1000. So it began. I found bavarian autosport and started up grading. Painted the car met. silver. Nice 320 when I got finished. Ok hooked. 3 years later Myersport is selling a white 83\' 320i sport. I want to upgrade more. This car had the sunroof, Recardo seats, refurbed motor. Sold. Bought the 83\' and sold the 78\'. 5 years with this car. In that time I have done many many repairs, parted out 2 cars(one of which was the 78\' that was totalled 2 weeks after I sold it to a friend.) 3 years ago the same friend had to move and didn\'t have room for his broken biege 83\'. He just gave me the car. I gave it a home yet have not worked on it other than air up the tires every few months and fought with the intake cowl for 2 hours. Update: finially got the intake cowl on, put an old asna muffler and new exhaust, new tires and have driven once. It seems to be running a little rich and the adjustment screw will not turn. Going to replace the air meter box with a one of the 3 I have in the tool shed. I could hear grinding from the back wheel so I will also be replacing a rear wheel bearing. About a year ago I sold the white 83\' sport and have driven a 91\' range rover classic for the past year. 2 months ago I\'m hearing that once again Myersport is selling one of his good cars. 83\' with the century turbo. I don\'t even have to think about this one. I want the car. I just have to figure out how to get it past the wife. All I can say is the car is parked in my driveway. At this point I have the century turbo 320, another 83 that barely runs yet has zero rust, a storage shed with 2 parted out 320i\'s crammed into it, and 2 doors under the house. Good times. Thank you mighty bmw gods for creating the E21. Amen.


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