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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW E21 316
Owner: kiato4
In registry since: Thursday, Feb 16th 8:32pm.
Year: 1978
Location: Athens, Greece

I bought this car to turn into a racecar after riding with my friend in his stripped out 1975 Ford Escort MkII with dual Weber 45 DCOEs on a Sierra 2.0 engine. The thing screamed, so I looked for the cheapest E21 I could find (only paid a couple of hundred euros) to build a racecar from. It is still an ongoing project, and it will soon be painted and made to look much better. I have finished the bulk of the performance parts already.

Modifications and tuning
Brakes: 323i brakes all around.

Suspension: Ireland Engineering 323i struts modified for coilovers in the front with Bilstein Sport shocks, VAC Motorsports modified coilover collars to work with the rear Bilstein Sport shocks, Kmac camber kits front and rear, Hartge front brace, Mason Engineering rear brace, E21 Parts urethane control arms and subframe mounts, BMP urethane steering rack mounts, 23mm front 323i swaybar, Addco 19mm rear swaybar, Alpina front tie bar.

Engine: 1978 2.0 M10 with Top End reground 288 camshaft, late electronic distributor, Dual Weber 40 DCOE carbs, Redline manifold with built in water jacket, Carter 4070 fuel pump, Mallory 4309 fuel pressure regulator, E21 parts rocker arm retainers, Tii exhaust manifold, Ramflo filters, E21 parts Accel wires, Red tii coil.

Drivetrain: 3.91 LSD, Korman Delrin diff mounts, 1982 5 speed, Bavarian Auto short shift kit.

Wheels: 15x6 front, 15x7 rear BBS Mahle with 205/50R15 tires.

Other (and coming soon): Korman fiberglass front bumper, Foha rear spoiler, Wiechers Sport rollbar, Wiechers Sport oil pan protector, Edenz seats, Schrotch harnesses, VDO gauges.

I purchased this car with a blown head gasket. I swapped in a 1.8 M10, which ended up having horrible rod knock. I finally broke down and bought a 1978 2.0 M10 with a Weber 32/36, had it shipped from the USA, and freshened it up a bit before dropping it in.


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