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E21 owners and their cars

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E21 320i
Owner: gerbob
In registry since: Monday, Jul 24th 1:19am.
Year: 1978
Location: Peachland, BC

1978 320i american version, coral red, 2 litre 4 speed sunroof and open rear end.

Modifications and tuning
drive train is stock, mods include anti sway bar, recarro seats, front and rear bumper tuck, sport wheels, and leather sport steering wheel. My intention is to install getrag 5 speed and lsd (both sitting on my bench and ready to install)but I want to drive it like this for a while so I can appreciate the difference

I bought the old girl from \"pick your part\" It didn\'t look that great but was obviously too good to be dismantled. Up to date service receipts in the glove box, fresh oil, turn key, all the lights working, a score for $500. Drove it home, took it all apart and reassembled it with love. The car stands me under $2000 (if you don\'t count my labor) Painted it outside in the tent you see in the background and am in the process of wetsanding and polishing. I am currently beginning restoration of a 1982 3201 with all the factory sport options (lsd, recarro, getrag 5spd, anti sway, leather sport wheel, sunroof, etc. These cars\' reign have come to an end. Seems like if anything goes wrong, with today\'s price of repairs at a competent garage, the tendency for a lot of people is to call up the local wrecker to take it away. They make a wonderful and rewarding project for the private enthusiast. There are enough cars in the auto wreckers right now to complete your project for a reasonable price and the list of performance parts available for the E21 is endless.


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