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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW E21 323i 5 Speed
Owner: pjs323i
In registry since: Monday, Mar 12th 11:41am.
Year: 1981
Location: Canberra, Australia

My 323i is Polaris Metallic with pacific interior, has factory fitted air-conditioning and runs very well with no mechanicall faults at the moment. It has a 4 dents that need to be repaired and a passenger front quarter panel that is only primer. The interior is in very good condtion, a few cracks in the dash that will need to be fixed (and a cigarette smell that just won't go away).

Modifications and tuning
The car is completely stock at the moment, hower i have in mind:
New 323i badge for rear (been vandalised), stereo, ///M gear knob and steering wheel
Lowering, Fix cracked Dash, Front Recaro Sport Seats, re-Spray in Polaris Metallic and fix dents, New lightcovers all round including clear indicators and white headlights, New Rims (Alpina or Basketweave 15")

UPDATE NUMBER 01 (September 2006):
didn't get it lowered...yet, itstead i put KYB Shocks all around and i'll get it lowered as soon as i can afford it. so watch out for REAL pics. She's a real cornerer now hehehe And I also got a 323i badge for it!

UPDATE NUMBER 02 (Janurary 2007)
Well I put the suspension on hold for a few more months. I've just installed the stereo which included a custom fibreglass rear parcel shelf. My head-deck is: and my speakers are: which sounds awsome!

This is my first car and i am its 4th owner. I plan to restore and have it for many years to come! It has never left the ACT and has the same plates on it since day one (9/1981). The speedo, however is stuck on 149,790kms and i dont know how long it has been like that. That is all i know about it.


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