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E21 owners and their cars

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Owner: g323
In registry since: Thursday, Jan 8th 9:14pm.
Year: 1982
Location: California

I got this car from a friend who couldn't get it to pass smog(Summer 06). I love it, but it has been a hassle.

M20 with the dogleg transmission. Euro bumpers, Kph Speedo 220. BBS lower front spoiler. Foha Rear Spoiler. Recaro Front Seats. Black Cloth Rear Seats. Dual exhaust. Yellow Hella High Beams. K&N Box Air Filter. Front and Rear Strut Braces. Lower Alpina Bar. PolyUrethane Steering Rack Mounts. Aftermarket Vacuum and Air/Fuel Gauges for gas mileage monitoring. Factory tilt/slide sunroof.

Modifications and tuning
AfterMarket Upgrades:


-Rims = RG alloy wheel set (BBS design) silver 6x13ď KBA 40324

-Tires = Sumitomo 195/60/13

-Front strut brace - made a lot of dash cracking sounds on turns stop, made car more solid. Handling improved.

-Camber plates raised the car a bunch in the front, i wonder about lowering springs now.

-Alpina copy lower chassis tie bar - great improvement, boxes front end together, now the rear feels loose. Thanks Ken!

-Urethane steering rack bushings

-Bilstein HD Front Struts

-Steering Dampner

-Boge Turbogas Rear Struts

-Rear strut brace welded in and it got even more solid. in the rear, again, Thanks Ken!


-Grounding effects kit (1/2 done) - lights glow brighter, less electrical bugs

-Steel brake lines in front

-Aftermarket front fan with adjustable thermostat control. (The little probe thermostat that goes into the radiator grills, attached to a box with and adjustment knob for different temperatures) I wonder if I could take off the clutch fan and just leave this. This fan is small, 10inch? I donít remember exactly.

-New stereo and speakers, nothing special just replaced the old and shot ones.

-Push button start

-Dash cap

-New recaro seats. THANK YOU MELLOH!

-Re-upholstered rear seats with used black material taken off of another e21, turned out nice. Painted parcel shelf black.

-Vacuum gauge installed below the stereo cig lighter

-Air/Fuel Gauge

-Urethane Vacuum lines

-Redline Trans and diff oil, smoother shifts


-Holes in rear shock mounts were welded back together. BIG IMPROVEMENT!

-New ignition distributor- HUGE DIFFERENCE!

-Alternator voltage regulator changed.

-Rear springs replaced with other used springs, as the old ones were shot.

-new aux air valve

-new tie rods

-new rack

-changed bushings on shifter linkage

-new motor and transmission mounts

-oil sensor


-Replaced 1 muffler which had a hole in it with an after market one about the same size.

-Replaced now both mufflers - the other one finally fell off on the freeway and dragged for a while - i tied it back up with some wire and replaced it asap with a similar one.

-Rewired the mirror switch as cables had busted in the door jam.

-Valve job when I bought the car, and another one in October 2008.

-Spark Plugs/Wires many times.

-O2 Sensor

-Engine oil changed 1000 times

-Muffler rubber supports

-Down pipe gaskets

-New Battery

-New Radiator, Water pump, thermostats

-Timing belt

-Brake pads,

-Brake Fluid flush

-Cooling system flush.

-Replaced WUR

-Replaced 2 short Fuel Lines under rear seat.

-Replaced little lights behind dash and heater console.

-Fixed Glove Box Key Cylinder to make it matching with ignition/door key.

-Replaced Carbon canister with better condition used one.

Imported around January 1983, they federalized it by doing some emissions modifications, TWC(Cat), o2 sensor, Feedback computer, Carbon cannister, Lambda Frequency Valve, Lambda valve relay.

Moved around the country enough to get rust in quite a few places, getting put back together piece by piece.


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