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E21 owners and their cars

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Owner: cat_scan227
In registry since: Saturday, Apr 28th 6:13am.
Year: 1979
Location: Florida, USA

Terrific example of a 323i with upgrades by Hartge.

Modifications and tuning
replaced original cylinder head with a Hartge H-3 head, (ported and polished, larger valves, 304degree camshaft, headers into dual exhaust) as described in literature provided with car good for an additional 45 HP bringing total horsepower to just under 200. Head is stamped HARTAGE. 200 HP in 1979 was very impressive, considering the US E-21 produced 109.HARTAGE also added the front and rear rubber spoilers. A front strut brace was also added at this time. Engine was rebuilt approximately 40k ago, using a 2.7 liter block, with 10.5-1 compression pistons, head was also reconditioned ath same time, work prefoemed by proffesional shop in Atlanta, Ga. New front and rear Bilstien sport struts were installed also about 40k ago. Original rims ,13" were replaced with correct offset BORBETT 16" models in 2002, and new rubber in December of 06. Original 3.93-1 differential was replaced with 3.46-1 limited slip when engine work was done

I have been looking for a replacement for the one I left in Germany....years ago. I was fortunate enough to find this one from a great guy on the other side of the state. I intend to keep this car a long time and finish the restoration that he has been well into.


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