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E21 owners and their cars

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Hartge H3 E21
Owner: hartgeE21H3
In registry since: Friday, May 4th 1:57pm.
Year: 1982
Location: Paris, FRANCE

Original Factory (Beckingen-Germany) H3 Hartge tuned BMW 323i. Built march 1982. Most otiginal Hartge and BMW equipment :
Hartge Front strut brace. Hartge Big calipers and rotors. BMW Headlight wash wipe system. BMW Big took box (complete). Hartge Recaros w/ fire extinguisher bottle. Hartge Additional 3 gauges.
Hartge 260 kph speedo. Hartge leather steering wheel & gear knob. BMW A/C (still perfectly working). Hartge BBS 15 inches alloys. Hartge/bilstein suspension. Hartge exhaust (will be soon modified for stainless steel, because is starting to rust). BMW 25% 3.45:1 limited slip differential. BMW Rechargeable light in glovebox. BMW power mirrors. BMW rear fog light L+R. Hartge BBS rear mud flaps. Hartge side stripes silver. Hartge front spoiler.

Modifications and tuning
A few mods have been made :
Tinted glasses (i will remove it)
Red tinted tail light assembly (will be put back to original).
Clear blinkers (front face).
Aluminium covered hood insulating foam.
K&N air filter.
Custom modified center console to fit radio with car A/C equiped.
Shorter gearbox shift.
Dogleg Getrag Gearbox for faster acceleration (needless to drive to over 200 kph).
E30 oil pan (just for oil gauge) and E30 coolant expansion tank (for coolant gauge. There are engine safety related engines.
Also added E30 oil radiator (originally not available from Hartge on cars with A/C... stupid as the engine is more solicited).
Badges on front grill and trunk had been stoled and replaced with E30 E28 generation badges. Now i found again original E12 E21 generation badges to have the car back to the origin.
Soon rear trunk spoiler will be back to original Hartge, because original had been damaged when repainting trunk, so i hat to temporarily fit look alike spoiler.
Hartge embroiled floor mats.
Hartge new generation (E30) dead pedal to replace original E21 hartge item.
I also have a 40% 4.05:1 limited slip differential that i sometimes fit onto the car to have even more fun. But on a regular basis i drive it with the original one.

2nd owner of the car, and have full history.


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