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E21 owners and their cars

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BMW 323i
Owner: Marquis_Rex
In registry since: Saturday, Mar 6th 12:41pm.
Year: 1982
Location: UK

Kaschmir Gold Metalic, side "olympic stripes" , E12 door handles, subtley colour coded edged kidneys a la 6 series.

Modifications and tuning
 1982 E21 323i (July 1982)
 M20 “eta” block and 81mm crank throw
 10.5:1 CR (produces 190+ on a cold compression test even with Intake Valve closing as 72 deg ABDC!)
 Forged light weight 330g pistons (vs 397g 325i, 420g eta) with circumferal squish design and slipper skirt design with low friction coating
 Schrick 284 duration cam with low friction coating
 Large U-port cylinder head casting (“885) with 3 angle valve seats fully machined ports and chambers
 Dual valve springs
 135mm length con rods (longer rod/ratio than usual “conversions”-ensures low friction and favourable high rpm loading) with greater small end lubrication
 Hayward and Scott fabricated stainless steel exhaust system – (180 mbar back pressure measured from downpipes-eg. For comparison E36 3.0 M3 has back pressure of 240 mbar at peak power measured at catalyst cone) 54 mm OD twin pipes and low restriction silencers-tubular tuned length primary pipes (40-45 cm).Twin pipe system ensures lowspeed torque
 Twin entry duct air box, K and N panel filter
 Larger diameter K jetronic updraft air mass meter/fuel distributor assembly to suit 30 % greater intake air flow
 68mm big bore throttle body
 “low” thermostat- lower bore temperatures allow more ignition advance without running into knock
 Oil cooler sourced from BMW 850i
 11 blade viscous fan as opposed to 9 blade
 efficiently cored aluminium radiator
 14 blade impeller cooling pump (vs 7 for stock m20 323i)
 85 amp alternator
 M technic PAS pump and valving
 Strut braces
 Rear battery relocation
 Koni adjustable dampers
 Eibach springs
 Stiffer subframe mounts
 Larger anti roll bars all round
 Increased front castor
 EBC front brake pads
 Front G Force cross drilled ,grooved and ventilated disc brakes, rear cross drilled solid discs
 Metric Mechanic Short shifter on a Getrag 245 touring box
 Rear 40% LSD with Korman reinforced backing plate
 Upgraded fuel pump now supplying 1200 cc per 30sec (standard 323i= 850cc)
 Uprated flow “KE” injectors with finer atomisation
 Alpina 6.5 J x 13 wheels with 205/60 VR13 Yokohama tyres
 Alpina front apron with brake cooling ducts
 Remote central locking
 Leather E21 pergament interior
 Leather BMW sports steering wheel and gear knob
 Chrome door handles
 Chromed B pillars a la E12
 Late ellipsoid head lights a la E30
 Especially calibrated and built ignition distributor –more ignition advance at low engine speeds with no knock –27 deg at 1900 rpm
 Higher capacity vacuum capsule for high part load ignition advance (up to 46 degs)

The first Car I ever bought against my late fathers wishes in 1990!We've been through life and death together-seen women come and go.Gradually as I grew up the car evolved with me and we've become the best of friends! Was originally an average car, slightly rusty and an oil burning 2.3 in Kaschmir Gold. Gradually I tracked down almost every option I could find, including recaro seats which I retrimmed in leather, My own brew of 2.7 litre engine,LSD, Alpina wheels etc. Has been covered in an extensive article in Total BMW magazine in Novemeber of 2002.


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