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E21 owners and their cars

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E21 318
Owner: Buggernuts
In registry since: Tuesday, Dec 14th 10:54pm.
Year: 1978
Location: Roosendaal / Netherlands

My first car BMW 318 1978 polaris metallic
At first i always wanted a E30 / E36
but when this car came across my path ( see history ) i fell for this forgotten BMW .
I am the first owner and probably the last :P cause i am not thinking about ever selling it .

Modifications and tuning
I am trying to keep her as original as possible so almost everything i add is original BMW and was mostly on the extra option list.

Stuff i added :
- BBS sideskirts
- BBS front spoiler
- Original BMW right chrome mirror
- Original BMW 13 inch wheels
- 4 cm lowering springs
- Replaced the 4 speed gearbox for a original
BMW 5 speed gearbox
- JVC KD-SC800R cd frontloader
- Original BMW speakers left + right ( front )
- leather shiftlever bag thingy =p
- E46 shift knob
- E46 cabrio floor mats

Future plans ( hopefully ):
- Original BMW 4 cyl. Rev counter
- Original BMW Trunk spoiler
- Original BMW Sports steering wheel
- White turn signals
- Recaro seats is what every e21 driver wants =]
- 15 inch rims
- want to tickle my m10 engine a bit :D

The original owner brought the car to the BMW garage where i work, for a check up.
But it was completley rotten from behind the backseat all the way into the trunk and some oil / coolant leaks .
Because it would cost to much to fix it all he bought a new one.
So i bought it and began with fixing the rotten places removing all of the rusty parts of the body clean it up and welding new plates in
after that respraying it .
After that was done it was time to fix the leaks so i took apart almost the whole engine replacing all of the gaskets and stuff .
Replaced all the hoses and stuff .
Rplaced all 4 shock-absorbers for original BMW absorbers.
Then i cleaned the carb. some new sparkplugs and she was once again ready for the street :D


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