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E21 owners and their cars

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323i e21
Owner: RDAvena
In registry since: Friday, Nov 17th 11:47pm.
Year: 1981
Location: Colorado USA

1981 BMW 323i Euro spec 3 Series, with the 2.3l M60 inline baby six engine. K-Jet injection with an Alpina modified engine #3-1927, WBAAH3106B7451504.

Modifications and tuning
Currently wearing 15x6 front 15x7 rear Alpinas. Quickor Suspension sways at 1 1/8th inch front and 7/8ths inch rear, electric sunroof conversion, pop out quarter windows, Euro E30 smiley elipsoid conversion with integral city lights. Alpina B6 instrument cluster, 2.3l oil cooler, valve cover, and Stahl header package.

With the original assorted EPA/DOT paperwork I was able to trace down the original importer of the 323i. Did a bit of legwork in contacting the original owner as well. Imported to Seattle WA back in 1982 the car did not spend much time on the salted roads of Germany but did spend enough time to have a little modification done by the Alpina shop at Buchloe. Previous owner (#2) had told me that the car did have some Alpina details but did not say exactly what. I received the pictures and one included the Alpina passenger compartment badge.

Big deal, anyone with a screwdriver can add one of those. Well not quite. Owner #2 took the car at face value it seemed and never inquired about the lineage of the car. Curiosity led me to contact owner #1 and ask exactly what was done to the car. He purchased the car new at a dealer in Munich. The car had no options included except for the power steering, the recaro interior, dual power mirrors, 15inch BBs wheels and a sport steering wheel. He then took the car to the Alpina shop and had them modify the engine and the suspension. Since it was not an in house built C1 2.3 the only badging offered was the engine and suspension upgrade typenschild by Alpina for this catalogue ordered car. The stock 323i badging was removed at no extra charge. Other additions were the color matching of the side mirrors, a color matched Alpina front spoiler, and Alpina rear spoiler. The Deko kit was added as well but had to be removed when the car was involved in a front and rear fender bender that was gaudily covered up with numerous re-registrations and poor paint matching. The differential was replaced with an LS unit during the conversion but was lost between owners. As were the 15 inch BBS wheels. Found it odd as to why this car would have a rear sway and an open 3.45 diff. A big no-no considering the tail happy nature of the e21. Ok, so the original owner gave you a line on the car big deal. Well, it is because I just did not leave it at what the original owner told me. I went ahead and called Alpina and asked to speak to the records department. The gentleman there told me to go ahead and send him all of the data I had on the car and he would respond back if he found anything. I forwarded the VIN, the badge number, and a picture of the badge. About a week later I recieved a phone call,fax, and email from Mr Weber. Those Germans are thorough. He verified the lineage of the car and all of the modifications that were made during the three weeks it was left at the Alpina Shop. And of course for a small fee 250DMs at the time he would be glad to forward me a set of Data Sheets for the car. Maybe after the restoration is complete.

Personally, I am glad to have found this diamond in the rough. I will make it all the more worthwhile polishing it up to a full blown C1 2.3. Actually after the engine rebuild it will be a C1 2.7 =)


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