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E21 owners and their cars

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e21 323i
Owner: DHoang
In registry since: Tuesday, Jun 1st 4:15pm.
Year: 1982
Location: Austin, Texas USA

1982, 323i, Graphit Metallic
How long owned: 4 years
Factory Options: A/C, 5 sp. sports gearbox, Sunroof, rear fog light

Modifications and tuning
Modifications: Euro bumper beautification, BBS Air Dam, Enkei 2 pce wheels (+1 sizing), BIlstein HD shocks

I am the 2nd owner of this european specification model. In 1981, the original owner, a physician, ordered this new car through Brown Motor Works, a Dallas, Texas BMW importer. The car was manufactured by BMWAG (06/81 build date) and then exported to a Finland dealer. The Dallas importer placed a purchase order for this new car and had it shipped to the US, and then took all necessary steps to federalize the car according to DOT and EPA regulations. On 12-17-1982, this car was titled over to the new owner. The following items were added:

Catalytic Converter 5 mph bumpers Seat belt warning lights 85 MPH gauge speedometer

The physician held onto the 323i for his daughter to use, and during the last five years of his ownership, the 323i remained basically parked in his garage, with the occasional sunny weekend drive just to keep the car road worthy. When his daughter became of age to drive, she decided that she did not want to drive that car due to the manual steering and transmission. Thus, in fall of 1998, the physician trade-in his 323i for a new BMW at Classic BMW. On Jan. 7, 1999, Classic BMW of Dallas wholesale this car to an auto broker in Fort Worth, TX d.b.a. Magic Imports. The broker/owner, Ken Topham, had posted it up for auction on Ebay. That was when I took notice of this car through a link off the board, and I bidded generously and won.

At that time, several key elements made this sale the topic of much debate and appeal on the message board. It had documented paperwork showing 59,500 original miles. Carfax showed this car with a clean title, no odometer rollback, and passed checks for flood damage, salvage title, and damage disclosure title. Stickers adhered to the inside engine compartment are present and still in very good condition, not faded or cracked.

This car has spent ALL of its life in sunny Texas. There is no rust on the frame, rocker panels, shock towers, or the window trim areas and does not leak water inside the cabin nor inside the glove box. It is as original as can be, including the very reliable and unmolested K-Jetronic mechanical fuel injection system and electronic ignition system. In the entire time that I have owned this car, the motor has performed flawlessly and has NEVER left me stranded anywhere. I turn the key and the engine fires up and idles on the first time and every time. Everything electrical and mechanical wise on the car WORKS, except the switch that controls the electric mirrors.


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