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Parts & Suppliers

There are many interesting places where you can get E21 parts for your car. Here's a selection:

Walloth & Nesch
These guys are based in Germany but will ship internationally. They are very friendly, they respond to emails rather quickly, and they deliver a very good service. They have virtually everyting, including clear turn lenses for instance. I ordered some of the parts for my 323i restauration from them and I was impressed with their service and quality.
Visit them at for an overview of common E21 parts, or email them at for more specific requests.

Korman claims to be 'America's leading BMW tuner'. They will provide you with many heavy-duty parts, including Schrick cams and LSD diffs. They will build complete performance engines at your request. They're not cheap though.
Visit them at

BMW Express
BMW Express, based in Miami, FL, delivers most parts for E21 cars, including engine-related parts for 320/6 or 323i cars. Good service, and fast response to email. I bought the parts for the 320/6 restauration with them. Quite professional, unfortunately it takes some time to ship to Europe.
Visit them at

Bimmer Parts
Bimmer Parts from Duncan, BC, Canada has a huge assortment of parts for all BMW's - especially e21. Their web address is, or email them at

If you feel we should mention other shops, let us know.

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