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Unified : Forums

The Unified system features a powerful, built-in forum system.

Forum Features
The Forum system is tightly knit into the Unified system. Every post is marked with your personal icon, and your statistics are tracked as seen on the account page.
The forums come in a simple, yet nice-looking layout for easy reading. We chose not to implement signatures and other stuff that might clog the threads with undesired information.

Throughout the forums, there's a ranking system. If you reach a certain number of posts, you will be promoted. Your rank is used site-wide, and you can obtain custom ranks by leading the Match Ladder, or the Battleship contest. Currently, the rankings are laid out as follows:
  • 0 - 10 posts : Junior Member
  • 10 - limitless posts : Member
  • Forum Rules & 'Netiquette'
    We have some rules in the forum, please take time to read them.

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