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E21 CW Portal Page

Welcome to the E21 Community Website Portal Page! It is a good idea to set this page as your home in your favorite browser, since it will always bring you the new stuff that has appeared on the site since your last visit. You no longer have to spend time finding new stuff throughout the site, this page'll bring it right up for you :)

Today's Featured Picture:

Schematic drawing of the 320/6 engine (M20, in-line six cylinder)
Today's Featured Car:
Hartge H3 323irs
Owner: Hartge82H3
This is a True and Authentic E21 Hartge H3 323rs. After 20 years of ownership, I can say it's probably the only one like it in the United States. There are less than a handful of Hartge E21 H3 and H3s's left on the ENTIRE planet. These are VERY rare classics. ...
Read more here.

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